Who We Are

Janet Dunlap :: President and CEO of The Ballard Group

Janet Ballard-Dunlap started The Ballard Group back in 1984. Since that time, the company has emerged as a leader in planning events and meetings. As the President and CEO of The Ballard Group, Janet has pushed the company from meeting and event planning to a multi-market corporation.

Jennifer Krodell :: Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing

Jennifer has been with The Ballard Group since 1997. Jennifer and the Walmart team are charged with the management of the various programs developed for retail vendors located in Northwest Arkansas as well as manages meetings and events throughout the U.S.

Jason Curtis :: VP of Sales & Operations

Bethany Ballard :: Logistics Manager

Bethany manages logistics and operations for The Ballard Group and various other national retail entertainment promotions and events. She attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville prior to joining the company.

Danielle Davis :: Account Executive

Diana Davis :: Account Executive

Jamie Daniels :: Account Executive

Anthony Davis :: Account Executive

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